New Beginnings

There has been a lot of things going on the past month…I wanted to take a moment to share as these are big life events – they are just all happening at the same time.

First of all, as I have shared previously, we made a cross-country move from San Diego, California to Charlotte, North Carolina on 6/23. I stayed with relatives in Virginia for the days that my husband was moving our belongings across the US. I finally arrived in North Carolina on July 1st. We had one week to get a bit settled and adjusted and then headed out again for a week of vacation at a beach rental in the Outer Banks. After all of that, I was happy to take some time out to stop moving and just relax and SMILE.

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Luckily through all of this my job transferred and my first day of work in the Charlotte office was on 7/16 (just about a week ago).  We are basically starting over and getting acquainted to a new area, new people, new weather (not so great this time of year), new home. It has been a lot and overall it has seemed quite overwhelming but I’m reminding myself to take small steps and make a bit of progress each week and not try to take on too much.

Secondly, I have some exciting news!  The additional part that made the big trip a bit challenging is that I’m pregnant. I’m about 6 months along now so I’ve just been trying to keep up with all of the challenges that come with a move the best way that I can at this point in the pregnancy. We are very excited for our new addition to the family that is coming in October (we didn’t find out the gender as we wanted to be surprised).

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There are a lot of new things that are coming our way this year, 2018 has turned out to be a year of change and transition. We were unaware of how some things that were related to a lot of these major things would turn out but we knew that we would figure it out and it was the best decision for us to make long-term for our family.

I encourage you to use this as an example and embrace change, there are a lot of times where it is definitely uncomfortable but a lot of great growth and experiences come from change and challenging times – we’ll see what’s in store for us next!

Remember: A change of scenery at least will always provide a different view,


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