Moving in Motion

Hi Everyone,

It has been a bit of time and that is because I have been frantically working on making progress towards our move date which is now set for 6/23. We have been packing and searching for boxes in our spare time, I know… not that exciting.

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We are trying to stay proactive and working each week so that we are not doing a lot of work at the last minute. I have to admit that our daughter Emma has been a real trooper through this (she’s 4 1/2 now). She has been keeping herself busy with her Kindle games and a movie here and there while we pack as we don’t really have sitters that can watch her while we do that.

It has been exhausting as well just making a long list of everything that we have to do before we move, including prepping cars for the long drive from CA to NC. When thinking about everything all at once it is a bit overwhelming but we’ve just been focusing on small goals and steps each week so that we can “cross those off the list” and continue to see the progress as motivation to keep pressing on – we will soon be through this!

I have also been really busy with work, it’s the time of year where we have a lot going on, luckily I will be taking a few weeks off for the move so that is coming up quickly, it will definitely be easier to have that be my main focus for a short while without having to worry about work.  Part of that time off is a week in a beach house rental courtesy of my husband’s family in the Outerbanks – it will be so nice to get away and spend time with family! That should energize us to put in the necessary work for the rest of our “move in” after we get back and more settled as well.

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I will provide a few more updates on other things that have been going on soon, it’s been a busy spring!

Do you have any fun plans or activities planned for Memorial Day? If so, please share them! My day will be spent for the most part packing, so nothing exciting to report here.


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