Little Things

If there has been one thing I have noticed in the last several years, it has been that the little things in life can make a BIG difference.

I take joy in a lot of the small moments, treats and things that I look forward to and it really has an impact on my day.


I think a lot of times we get so caught up in this busy life that we forget to thank those we love and are close to. The little things make a difference to me, like my receptionist giving me these hershey kisses that were made into little roses on Valentine’s Day or coming home and my daughter had a broken rose to give me (she as upset because she accidentally broke it before she gave it to me) or my husband picking up the house for me before I came home.

There was no big event or master plan, there was the little things in this life that can make your heart sing if you really pay attention to and appreciate them.

I am blessed and very thankful for these things and this week, it was a good reminder that I wanted to document to not take things for granted, it’s so easy to do that with how quickly each day and year seems to fly by.

So just remember, there’s a whole lot of little things to be thankful for, don’t get so busy that you don’t notice them and make the time to do something small to make someone else’s day a little brighter.


What are you thankful for today or this week?  I’m going to work really hard on putting this into practice myself.

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